A pretty flower

I had to open this account, and about a dozen other social media accounts, for an Internet Marketing class I’m taking this semester.

Compared to Blogger, WordPress seems to have many more customizable features. Users who don’t have a lot of social media experience may take longer to get used to this site since there are so many other add-ons. I feel like for an inexperienced user, Blogger is a much simpler site. If you want to get more advanced, I’d definitely recommend WordPress.

It is interesting how many of these sites are allowing you to connect to your other social media sites.

Just a couple of minutes earlier I logged into Yahoo! using my Google account. I also linked my WordPress account to Flickr, Youtube, and Blogger. It just goes to show there’s a growing trend that consumers want to be connected to everything, and social media sites are finally giving in. Of course there is also a lot of marketing benefits you can get from linking accounts…